Practice Philosophy

  1. We believe in the inherent value of all women.
  2. We respect and celebrate each woman's unique personality, style, values, priorities, physical beauty, background and culture.
  3. We acknowledge that no woman is replaceable and that each woman contributes uniquely to her family, profession, and community.
  4. We recognize that when breast cancer effects a woman, it really effects all the people around her both current and in the future.
  5. We realize the importance of healthy habits and emphasize disease prevention.
  6. We recognize that breast cancer can strike even women with a healthy life-style and negative family history.
  7. We believe that early stage breast cancers are usually associated with a good outcome and therefore support all available measures to aid early detection.
  8. We acknowledge that we do not completely understand the behavior of breast cancer. Some cancers are very aggressive or are detected late. In those cases we are committed to aggressive treatment with the goal of cure.
  9. We know that breast cancer is the cause of death in 250,000 Texas women every year. We strongly believe in supporting patients and their family through all stages of the life continuum.
  10. We support each individual's right to self-determinism including the choice to seek and use alternative therapy.